Dope Meal Planner

Quick & Easy Plant-Based Recipes  for Your Busy Life

Prepare healthy vegan meals for your family without spending all day in the kitchen and without racking your brain for meal ideas!

         - New meals every week

         - Save time in the kitchen

         - Save time with meal planning

         - Save time shopping

Quick & Easy Plant-Based Recipes for Your Busy Life

Trying to prepare healthy meals for your family without spending all day in the kitchen can seem unattainable, especially if you’re vegan and your husband is not.

I went and tried meal plan after meal plan in search of healthy plant-based meals that my husband and I both would enjoy. All the meal plans we tried, left us unsatisfied and retreating back to unhealthy foods. So, I decided to create my own meal plan using plant-based versions of the recipes that we already enjoyed. Success! I am now preparing delicious healthy meals that we both love and I want to help you do the same.

fully interactive meal planner

No more stressing over what to cook for dinner 

or trying to write up a grocery list.

My Dope Meal Planner

takes care of meal planning for you and allows you to take your grocery list with you on your mobile device.

Low-fat. 100% plant-based. No dairy. No eggs. No meat or fish. No animal products.


No Shopping at High Priced Specialty Stores. 

Benefits of the Dope Meal Planner

  • envira
    ​Simple Everyday Ingredients -

    Find most, if not all the ingredients in your pantry or at any grocery store.

  • calendar

    Brand new flavorful recipes delivered to your Email Inbox every week.  

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    Quick & Easy Cooking

    Most of the recipes are 35 minutes or less. Just enough time to whip up a meal and enjoy your favorite show before bed.

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    Perfect for You and Your Family -
    There’s 2 servings of each recipe (except for some soups and burritos) so that you can enjoy each yummy dish for dinner and take a serving for lunch the next day. If leftovers aren’t your thing, then just change the serving to 1 in the recipe and the ingredients will adjust accordingly. You can also increase the serving for a larger family. 
  • Customizable Grocery List -
    Your grocery list is generated once you choose your meal plan for the week. You can swap meals & serving sizes, and your grocery list will update automatically. It’s also mobile friendly!
  • Affordable Shopping -  
    We never spend over $100 a week on groceries.  

Kid Friendly Meals!


I am an actress and vegan social media influencer, born and raised in sunny California. I'm also a proud vegan foodie of six years and run a healthy vegan lifestyle blog called Vegan, What? 

My mission is to simplify veganism for the everyday person so they can live a longer and healthier life.  I actively pursue this mission of spreading advocacy for plant-based eating through social media platforms, ebooks, apparel and meal plan services.





I used to be a part-time vegan (hubby was vegan for 4 years and I wasn't about that "making two different meals" life). I'm now on a quest to eat healthier without spending a ton of time in the kitchen. Honestly, I was intimidated to make a recipe, cause have you seen her photos and meals? Lol But tonight I tried the chickpea wraps recipe and it really did only take about 15 min...and they are super yummy! I realize my pics will never look as dope, but the taste was on point and that's all that matters to my tummy. I liked the meal planner cause I could literally decide what I wanted to make, schedule it on a calendar and print the recipes to take with me to the grocery store.




The Veggie Lentil Spaghetti was absolutely delicious, full of flavor, and very filling. If I had not been told it was vegan I would have never known. This was my first vegan meal and I know it won't be my last. Looking forward to more from the Dope Meal Planner!

Momo & Aisha



“The Easy Peasy Pita Pizza is delicious! It was easy to make and it hit the spot.”

Jacque O



Thank you for offering the service! I've already made my dinner meal plan for the week. I love pressing the button after I chose my meal plan and it provided the grocery shopping list. Wow!!! Going shopping tomorrow!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the recipes have flavor?

Are the recipes difficult to make?

I don’t have time to cook every day. Can I still use your meal plans?

Do I have to meal prep?

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

What’s the difference between Vegan vs Vegetarian?


Can I add in my own recipes?

Do I have to shop at a fancy store?

Are the recipes for Raw Vegans only?

​Dope Meal Planner Features



Customizable Meal Plans & Grocery List


Brand New Recipes Every Week


Mobile Friendly


​HD Quality Dope Meal Planner Video Tutorial


Hassle Free Weekly Meal Planning  


HD Quality Meal Prep Videos


Import Your Own Recipes


Exclusive Access to Private Facebook Group  


Exclusive Discounts on My Vegan, What? Apparel Line


Exclusive Access to My 4 E-books (Including Our New 100 Calorie Snack Guide E-book)  $40 Value


Instant Access to Any Future E-books






Both meal plans come with a 30 day Money Back Guarantee

We know that it takes time to really find out if you enjoy something new.  That’s why we’re offering you 30 days to try our Dope Meal Planner, risk free.  We’re positive that you’ll love the recipes just as much as we do and be on your way to a healthier you.

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